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‘TSP’ was formed by 4 partners (and friends) – Gary Naphtali, Amy Burgess, Cornelia Sogie-Thomas and Steve Gorham.

Having worked together for more than 10 years and with a combined experience of over 90 years (gulp!) in sales and supplier management environments, we share a passion for service excellence and 'hands on' leadership.

We know what it takes to deliver sales development and service excellence, and the many challenges that prevent even the best businesses achieving their growth goals.

High Fives

Our small and medium sized businesses (SMB) supplier focus is a key part of our vision and business. With years of experience at every level of service-led business we recognise that our most positive experiences have been working with SMB’s.


This is where innovation, ‘can do’ attitudes, a strong customer experience focus and entrepreneurial spirit is strongest.  SMB’s are more often able to be flexible to deliver customer satisfaction.


SMB’s really know how to differentiate and how to add customer value. SMB’s are more enjoyable to work with. More personal.


We like that.


Lots of customers prefer that too.  

We discovered that there are so many SMb's ‘out there’ who have great products or great services, great people, great leadership & vision, great potential. business with integrity. business you can trust.


But these businesses sometimes struggle to deliver on their full potential. These 'hidden gems' often just need people to know they are there. And that they are really really good at what they do. 


This is where we belong. We will work with great suppliers to realise this potential; to reach a wider audience who ‘don’t know you exist’; to raise awareness of that business - the products and services - and help great suppliers find new customers.


We will ensure everyone understands the customer's needs, and then implement and manage the right client solution. We will work with the supplier and the customer throughout. Our role is to ensure that great suppliers and good customers can enjoy the long-term benefits of a professional and well-managed supplier relationship.

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Managed service solutions for Small and Medium sized businesses

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