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Become a Partner at TSP

If you are an experienced B2B sales or front-line customer service professional, you are on your way to becoming a TSP Partner.

Why become a Partner?

Our model is designed to appeal to a number of different people
(and their circumstances). For example you may be someone who:

Wants to represent great companies with great products and services and great potential

Wants to work full-time, part-time or flexible hours to suit you

Wants to be part of a professional
team of like-minded ‘can do’ people

Wants the support from a strong and experienced senior management team

Wants to represent one, or more than one, product or service to optimise your potential

Wants to build your own team of Partners

TSP is looking for talented business development professionals to join our team.

Introductions & Referrals

Do you sometimes get asked 'do you know somebody who...?'

We do at TSP. All the time. And we normally do know somebody who....!


As you will have seen on this site we already work with some of the best independent businesses in the workplace supplies and services sector, so it is likely we know the right people and the right businesses to talk to. 

If you're not ready or able to become a TSP Partner, you can still benefit from being asked 'do you know somebody who...' through the TSP Intros & Referrals scheme. 

Whether it's for a one-off project or on-going supply agreement, we pay initial and on-going commissions for any successful referral or introduction.  It's very simple to register with the TSP Referral scheme so that any introduction you make will be recorded in your name.  

Contact us by hitting 'contact' button on this page to speak with one of the TSP team and to receive details. 

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