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Get 'Connected' - referrals you can trust

"Do you know somebody who....?"

A good, reliable referral is always better than the risk of finding an unknown supplier. 


Better still when you know the company you have been referred to has the same high standards and qualities of the person or company who provided the referral.   

'Connect' has been created to take the pain and risk away of finding the right supply partners for your business. 

With Connect, you will discover providers for your business who are proven to deliver a consistent first-class customer experience. 

Every approved TSP supply Partner is a member and driver of TSP Connect. Everyone operates to the core principals of TSP Connect - integrity, transparency, and consistency of the highest standard of customer care.   

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Go Team

TSP Connect is very simple. 

If you already work with a TSP supply Partner for one area of your business, just ask that Partner if they 'know someone who....?' for any other service you require. There is every chance a supplier 'just like them' is already within the TSP Partner network.


And they have met them. And they know them. And they are happy to recommend them.

And if by chance there isn't already a Partner for your requirements, we will find the right Partner for you. 


Every TSP Connect Partner will only recommend another Partner if they are 100% confident the new Partner will deliver an exceptional service.   

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