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Business Meeting at Small Table

don't stand still

Our work with clients will range from one or two targeted areas to more extensive input into multiple areas. 

Ultimately, we are realists. We know businesses do not stand still for very long. All businesses change. Some grow, some stand still. 


'Stuff' happens!


Customers leave. Competitors misbehave. People move on. People join. Dynamics are changed or challenged. Opportunities arise. New markets are created. Old markets are dying. We win business we didn't expect. We grow quickly (and it hurts). We don't win business we expected to land (this hurts more!). Our people need motivating. Our people need changing. 

Progressive businesses are always 'on the move' one way or another. 

Independent advice from TSP will help you keep moving. Forward. 

how we can help...


  • Customer Retention

  • Customer Development

  • New Business

  • MVC

  • Customer Reviews

  • Customer Engagement

  • Customer Proposition

  • GAPs and GAP Management

  • Commercial (customer) Intelligence

  • Time and Effort ROI


  • Sales 

  • Complimentary Strategies (inter-departmental)

  • Supply Chain

  • Marketing 

  • People

  • Structural

  • Short-term impact

  • Mid-term and long-term strategic plans

Supply Chain

  • Supply Chain Engagement

  • GAPs and GAP Management

  • SLAs

  • Performance Management

  • Bids and Tenders

  • Supply Chain Reviews

  • 'Selling' to Suppliers


  • Warehouse and Distribution

  • Logistics

  • Performance Management

  • Productivity

  • Resource Management

  • Incentive Plans

Sales Management

  • Strategy

  • Planning

  • Action Plans

  • Review

  • Structure

  • Goals & Objectives

  • Milestone Management

  • Motivation

  • Incentive Plans

  • Review Process


  • Communication

  • KPI's and Performance Measurement 

  • Meetings and Meeting Facilitation

  • Commission and Bonus Plans

  • 121's 

  • PDP's

  • Ownership

Customer Experience

  • Customer Voice

  • SLAs

  • Behaviour and Mindset

  • Customer Profiling

  • CRM

  • Incentive Plans


  • Customer Language

  • Brand Awareness

  • Collateral

  • Strategy

  • Marketing Plans

  • Automation

Facilitating the strategic plan for the UK business, he showcased his cat-herding skills...picking us up when we fell off course, keeping the whole show on the road until we had a deliverable plan..

joe, purchasing director

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