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A mentor is someone who can guide, advise, and support an individual to be the best a person can be in their role or career.

A mentor will take time to understand the individual and the challenges they face, their ambitions, objectives and goals and then provide advice and guidance based on their understanding of the problem and from their personal experience - with the aim of helping them achieve those goals. 

The benefits to the mentee include: increased self-confidence, better communication skills, gaining of new perspectives, and greater clarity in their roles. As a result, those with mentors are more likely to feel inspired and motivated to progress in their careers. 

Mentoring is a great way to identify and develop future managers and leaders, as well as demonstrating to the employee they are valued, supported and being invested in. 

The TSP team have a wealth of experience you can rely upon to make a practical, positive and lasting impact on your valued employees through mentoring. 

gary naphtali
sales and sales leadership


Gary boasts a 30-year career in front-line sales and 25-years in sales leadership and senior leadership roles at regional, national and international level. 

Gary underpins his genuine passion for sales and talent development with a 'real world' commercial profile that includes, business ownership, start-ups, acquisitions and mergers. 

Gary has mentored, coached, trained and advised scores of individuals from over 50 different businesses, from start-ups to recognised market-leaders, and has personally led teams and businesses generating sales revenues from £3m to £80m per annum. 

steve gorham
operations, supply chain, customer experience

Steve is a proven and experienced business leader and senior manager with a 35-year record in leadership roles.

Steve has managed and led teams from small project to national teams of over 100 people. 

Steve's wider commercial experience includes business ownerships and mergers, and leadership roles from single-site to multi-location businesses with sales in excess of £200m per annum.



Adam’s career spans over 35 years of sales, sales leadership and senior leadership roles at a regional and national level. 

Adam has held senior leadership roles and board-level Director positions including the roles of Managing Director, Commercial Director and CEO in market-leading businesses with annual sales ranging from £10m to over £150m.


Adam’s passion was (and remains) in targeting and winning new business.


As well as an accomplished commercial career, Adam has also obtained a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), he is ILM Level 5 qualified in coaching and mentoring, and CMI Level 7 qualified in strategic management and leadership.   


amy burgess

Key/Major Account Business development

Amy has enjoyed a 25-year successful career in sales and customer experience roles from trainee to Director level.


With a passion for exceptional customer care, Amy has supported numerous individuals and teams; providing advice, guidance and hands-on management of customer care and sales teams, from those with multiple SME customers, through to those looking to win, retain and develop the potential of large, multi-site, complex key and major accounts.  

sarah kallipetis
career & personal development

With experience in recruitment dating back to 2001, Sarah has an abundance of experience in the often challenging world of recruitment. Sarah has literally lost count of the number of individuals she has helped find their dream job.

Sarah is passionate about helping others identify and develop the skills they need to gain that ideal role or promotion, to help them stand out from the crowd, to push their boundaries and believe what they can achieve.


Sarah's superpower is in advising and guiding others on how to achieve their career goals and ambitions  - too often good people move sideways or out of a business to develop their potential and try to realise their ambitions when they didn't have to. Bad for the business and not alway good for the individual either. 


aaron, sen. sales manager

"The way Gary has mentored and trained me has directly influenced the trajectory my professional career in a way I couldn't have dreamed of"

 managing director

“I have found Adam's mentoring sessions invaluable. To have an experienced person who has been there and done it to use as a sounding board has been fantastic "

yemi, duty manager

“Steve constantly challenged me to think outside the box and push me beyond my comfort zone...Working with whims my mentor was an enriching experience..”

shaun, head of sales

"I cannot overstate the impact Gary has on my professional development...his exceptional skills as a mentor played a pivotal role in my individual growth"

 managing director

"Adam really pushed me to think about the issues in my business and face uncomfortable situations head on. Just by speaking to Adam I felt much better about the challenges I was facing at that time"

mandy, sales director

"Gary has been my coach and mentor throughout..his guidance and steering have made a world of difference to my professional development...and enabled me to achieve more than I thought possible"

steve, business coach

"Steve's guidance, advice and unflinching support has always been invaluable to me...he remains the first person i reach out to whenever i need a fresh, common-sense approach.."

 managing director

"I am very grateful for the help and support Adam has given me. He quickly picked up a good understanding of the challenges I have and was able to offer useful and practical suggestions"

david, key account manager

"Steve has been a major influence in mine and so many other peoples' careers that have gone on to bigger and better things as a result of learning from him"


executive assistant

" not only super talented and lovely, she actually cares and listen to what you are looking to achieve"
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