whether you are a supplier or a customer, TSP can help you 
deliver the right solution for your business 

training & Consultancy SERVICES

With many years of experience in the broadest of business environments, from SME to national/corporate, we draw on our experiences to provide practical guidance and tools to improve the relationship between the supplier and the consumer

Training & Coaching

  • Customer Management - customer retention and development

  • Winning New Business - identify, propose and win

  • Sales Leadership - how to lead sales people, leadership techniques

  • 'Selling skills' for non-sales people - de-mistyfying the sales process 

  • People Management  - meetings, 121's, communication, managing 'up and down' 

  • Presentation Skills - Body language, voice, visual impact, audience participation

  • Team building and team dynamics - new teams, 'back to work', re-motivating

  • Performance management - managing under and over performance

  • Procurement  - implementing and managing effective procurement 

  • Supply chain and operations - how to manage effective supplier relationships

  • Communication - effective external and internal communication skills



  • Cost reduction - delivering tangible cost efficiencies   

  • 'Single Source' supply chain management - optimising hard and soft cost efficiencies 

  • Procurement - processes, contracts & contract management, performance management

  • Marketing - strategy, message, impact and measurement 

  • Sales Finance - p'n'l, forecasting, kpi's, reporting and measurement

  • Operations - warehouse & distribution 

  • Planning & Strategy - company, team, individual sales planning and execution

  • Performance Management  -  sales, operations, finance, customer care


If you’d like to receive more information, have an exploratory discussion or on-line meeting about any of the above please contact us info@tsp-ukltd.com