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recruitment services

We will help create and deliver a bespoke recruitment solution for your performance improvement plan. 

With TSP recruitment services it is not just about candidate sourcing & selection; it's about aligning the right people with the culture, the team and the performance objectives of the business. 


ROLE & candidate PROFILING

Speak to any manager and they will all have a recruitment horror story. Possibly more than one! 

The recruitment process is a time-hungry animal that is sometimes doomed from the start as a result of poor foundation planning. 

Effective profiling of the role and the ideal candidate is a must: the 'fit' within the team or business needs to be fully understood, the expectations of the business, and the candidate 'pitch' - rewards, scope, culture, career potential - needs to be clear.    


It can be daunting to change roles so we work with potential candidates every step of the way from initial interview to integration. 

This is where we work for the candidate. 


We take the time to listen to what the candidate is looking for, to understand their backgrounds and experience, what motivates them, what might concern them, offer personalised advice and support where needed and, ultimately, determine suitably for the role. 

The candidates expectations have to match up with the role and the client we are working with. 

Only then would we recommend any suitable candidates, providing a full brief and working with the candidate and the client to manage the interview process and feedback. 



We can either manage the whole recruitment process for you - from concept to integration - or support your existing team in making the process smoother and more effective. 

Contact us for further information about the varying recruitment project services we can support you with. 


We provide training and coaching workshops for managers and people responsible for recruitment in your business. 

With over 20 years of direct recruitment experience we understand the importance and unique demands of the recruitment process  - what works and what...might not work! 

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