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fractional services explained

Fractional services is exactly as it is described; the hiring of an expert or experienced service provider for a determined amount (fraction) of their time – anything from say one day a month to 2 or 3 days a week – for a set or rolling period of time.

Fractional services can be the solution to a business need where expertise is needed but there are hurdles to overcome – the costs of a full-time employee, the availability of skilled or experience people, or the fact that the workload doesn’t justify the creation of a full or part-time role.

There are additional less obvious benefits when considering fractional service as a solution:

• Speed and efficiency – on-boarding into your business is much quicker

• Scalability – increase or decrease the amount of time needed as your business grows and/or your existing people up-skill

• Eliminate distraction – allows your existing people to focus on current core activities without the need to provide cover for any skills gaps

• Access to Networks – fractional providers often have extensive networks and connections for you to tap in to

• Objectivity – an independent perspective not influenced by internal biases.

• Motivation – a fractional service provider is often seen as someone who is there to support the development of existing team or individuals, and not one who is taking away the opportunity for career progress and job opportunities from key individuals

What’s the difference between a consultant, an interim and a fractional service provider?

A consultant is traditionally engaged to provide advice and expertise in specific areas. They do not execute or implement strategies, but rather help guide you, based on experience, on what works and doesn’t work, and how to implement solutions.

A consultant will often be engaged for short period of time or to support a specific project or plan.

An interim will typically work full-time or part-time to provide a stop-gap where having a vacancy for an extended period of time would be detrimental to that business – be that in relation to performance, staff morale, or even how your business is perceived by your customers/suppliers/competitors/employees by you having that vacancy.

Again, an interim will most likely be engaged for short period of time to provide the cover needed whilst a more permanent solution is found.

Fractional providers are a great hybrid solution for businesses looking to bring in expertise and advice but also want the expert to take responsibility for implementing the strategy and executing agreed objectives – it has a greater degree of ownership than consultancy, but with the added benefit of flexibility and scalability.

Fractional service providers can be engaged on a short-term or longer-term/on-going periods as the business evolves.

Fractional services from TSP

The TSP team are experienced and proven specialists. We can provide a fractional service solution in the following areas:

Adam Noble – CEO, MD, General Management, Sales Director, Sales Leadership

Gary Naphtali - Sales Director, Sales Leadership, Sales Management, General Management

Steve Gorham – Operations and Logistics, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, 3rd Party Managed Services, General Management

Amy Burgess – Key and Major Account Development, Customer Experience/Customer Service

Sarah Kallipetis – Recruitment Services

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