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 TSP is a professional   managed services   business. we specialise in   customer-specific   workplace solutions. 

Our approach is simple:

We only work with suppliers who put the customer at the heart of their business

Our suppliers are small and medium sized independently owned specialists

All of our suppliers have a proven track record of delivering a consistent and positive level of customer satisfaction

Our suppliers are committed to the TSP approach and have joined with us to form TSP Connect - Our supplier partnership model 

We understand that every business is different. We put the right suppliers with the right customers

We continually work with our customers and our suppliers to deliver the right solution every time

We see ourselves as part of your team - the link between the customer's needs and great supplier management

We manage and "own" the ongoing relationship between the supplier and the customer, with day to day account management and regular performance reviews

Our integrity is paramount. We will always represent our customers and our suppliers with integrity and professionalism

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