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Sales and Sales Leadership Training


We create and deliver sales training workshops tailored to your business. We marry proven techniques, templates and frameworks to your business, teams and individuals. 

Whether you are new to sales, keen to refresh old skills or looking to learn new techniques and ideas, TSP can deliver stimulating and impactful training for your business.   

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Maybe you are new to sales or sales is something of a mystery to you, FIRST STEPS will help you understand the sales process and take away any fear or concerns.

Learn about the 7 steps including how to deliver a perfect opening, the power of effective questioning, typical objections and how to handle them and closing techniques and when (and when not) to close


FIRST STEPS is ideal for.......

  • Those new to a sales or selling role

  • Those looking to dust down rusty skills

  • Those who need to regain lost confidence 


Heaven forbid. Sales is definitely not for everyone. Sales very often though is the lifeblood of a company. So if you are working with or dealing with sales people in your role, maybe understanding their roles, processes, thinking will help you deliver better results for your business? 

This is sales training for NON-SALES people. It's for people who deal with sales people. I'M NOT...will help you understand (maybe even empathise with!) those in sales positions. 

It will help you understand why they say what they say and do what they do. 

If you can see where they are coming from (and why) it may help you help them win more business. Or it may help you negotiate with them more effectively. 

I'M ideal for...

  • Those who work with or support sales people or sales functions

  • Those who have to deal with sales people on behalf of their companies (for example in procurement)

  • Those who manage, directly or indirectly, sales people or functions

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re-start your engines

As many business starts to come back from lockdown, make sure your sales team are focused and motivated to create and deliver new opportunities. 

RE-START will focus on reviewing the sales landscape, setting clear personal and professional objectives, establishing realistic targets and expectations and mapping out what success looks and feels like. 

RE-START is ideal for.....

  • Businesses/teams who are - or who have customers who are - coming out of lockdown

  • Individuals who have been furloughed and returning to work

  • Experienced sales people joining a new company or team


FACE FORWARD is focused on winning new business. In FACE FORWARD we focus your sales people on the future and identifying, targeting and winning new business - be that new business with existing clients or brand new business. In FACE FORWARD you will learn about truly defining your (commercial and personal) proposition and increasing your chances of success through proposition 'matching', creating and delivering a great first impression (elevator pitch), and effective questioning techniques. You will also start to learn some of the 'secrets' of dynamic sales communication and positively effecting the way you communicate with prospects.

FACE FORWARD is ideal for....

  • Anybody who has new business expectations in their roles

  • Those with some experience in a sales or customer engagement role

  • Those looking for inspiration and confidence to improve their new business opportunities 

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be a vviP

BE A VVIP is a presentation skills course. This is a fun course where you will learn how to use ALL the tools in your bag to positively impact your audience. BE A VVIP is not just for those who present to groups of people or large audiences; it is for anyone who has to present to clients or internal colleagues. 

An effective presentation will influence your audience practically  - communicating the information you want to share (and they want to hear); and emotionally - making your audience 'feel' positive towards you and your message.   BE A VVIP will explore the use of your natural toolkit - body language, impactful language, 'orchestration' for emphasis, communication 'modes', and much more. 

BE A VVIP is ideal for....

  • Anybody who has to present ideas, solutions and proposals - externally or internally

  • Those looking for more confidence in delivering presentations or proposals

  • Those looking to improve their presenting skills and enhance the impact they achieve in presentations


TAKE THE LEAD is for those in, or new to, sales management or sales leadership. 

In TAKE THE LEAD you will learn about different styles of sales leadership, which approaches work and fail, delivering a sales vision, motivational goal and objective setting. You will explore dealing with high performing people (and those who are struggling to deliver) through effective 121 and team development processes.  Learn the secrets to running successful sales meetings, conflict handling and situational leadership.


TAKE THE LEAD is ideal for....

  • Those new (or reasonably new) to sales leadership roles

  •  Those looking to improve their management and leadership skills in a sales environment

  • Those looking to inject new behaviours in existing sales people or teams through better leadership and management  

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TAKE THE COACH is designed to provide that something extra for the ever-changing world of sales. 

TAKE THE COACH is a live session of sales coaching, idea sharing, practical guidance and skills development. 

Using 'real life' examples of  - current or previous -  success, disappointment or challenge within your sales team or individuals, TAKE THE COACH will facilitate skills development through helping the exploring of how it could or should be done to deliver improvements and results. 

These sessions are live and unscripted and allow for dynamic individual and team development through the guiding hand of a sales coach. 

TAKE THE COACH is ideal for...

  • Those looking for individual or team performance improvements 

  • Those looking to facilitate individual learning and development 

  • Those looking for a 3rd party to help ask the 'why?' and 'what if?' questions (and then, if needed, help find the answers...!) 


With TAILOR MADE just tell us your sales challenges , your goals and your objectives and we will create a programme to suit you. 

Not sure? It doesn't cost anything to talk; contact us to book an exploratory 'what if we...?' meeting; either in person or Zoom. 

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