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optimise your performance with TSP

With extensive and demonstrable backgrounds in practical performance improvements for all types of businesses – start-up to large/corporate – we deliver a positive impact by combining proven techniques with many years of ‘real life’ experience.

We specialise in providing impactful business, team, and individual performance solutions.

We share a genuine passion for people, talent development and positive change that will inspire progressive business growth.

The TSP team are accomplished in all areas of sales, customer experience, marketing, operations, recruitment, supply chain, leadership, and general management.



Training Workshops 

TSP training workshops are 

in-person interactive workshops.

The content will always be tailored to suit the audience; their skill-set, experience and comfort levels.


And, most of all, structured to deliver the desired outcome required.


Aside from training workshops, accelerated skills learning can be achieved through a more personal approach and working with individuals to tailor content and approaches suited to them. 

No matter how well managed, motivated and guided your people may be, independent and individual support will always add something extra. 


Consultancy & Advice

We know businesses do not stand still for very long. All businesses change. Some grow. Some stumble.


‘Stuff’ happens. Change happens.

Our 'real world' commercial experience of the good (and not so good!) can help navigate the challenges of change.

Interim, Projects & Project Management

There may be times when you find yourself without the time, skill set or experience in your business to initiate and/or deliver a key project or initiative.

Maybe it is a short-term project or a temporary skills gap issue. Maybe it's just a good (or perfect) time to capitalise on a surprise window of opportunity. 

We can help plug the skills gap or stop you from missing that opportunity.

Recruitment Services

Performance improvements initiatives often result in the need for additional people for an existing team or the creation of new roles, sometimes a new team. 

By combining TSP's performance improvement processes with our own in-house recruitment service we provide a deeper appreciation of the culture and personality of that business (or team) and the ability to deliver a more effective and impactful recruitment solution  

Marketing Services

Sales and marketing have always been joined at the hip.


When sales performance improvements are desired, the need for impactful marketing is never far behind. 

Dynamic marketing (sales) collateral not only informs and stimulates your customers it will, as importantly, inspire and motivate your sales people (and the wider business) to share and reach more people with your message.  

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TSP services at a glance

"the results Gary has produced have been outstanding. He completely transformed the sales team and structure, setting them up for future success.
The training and development he provided was exceptional. ”

Oliver, Finance Director

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