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Virus Guard UK

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anti-bacterial solutions

Virus Guard UK are the leaders in providing quality environmentally Green Eco sanitisation protection programmes against germs, bacteria & SARS Cov-2 in the UK using our specialist application equipment. 


Their Green Eco range products are plant derived and water based as well as bleach and alcohol free. Furthermore, they are non-corrosive and transported in recycled packaging and as a concentrate liquid reducing the carbon footprint of manufacturing and logistics. 


They work alongside your existing cleaning contractors or as your main contractor reducing over spend on man hours due to our application equipment. Our specialist products and services can enhance a safer working environment for you, your staff, clients and your brand image going green. 


Germ control, germ breakouts, smell eradication, long term surface protection are our most common services that we offer. 

"We are delighted to appoint TSP as our approved partner for Virus Guard UK and excited to be working with the TSP team” Ian, MD Virus Guard UK.   

Just some of the leading organisations protected by Virus Guard UK

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3 Year Coatings

This coating has been designed for all key touch points within the business and home. Once applied you will be protected from Virus and bacteria for up to 3 years protection and warranted for 2 years.

Instant Kill Cleaner

Used for a deep clean treatment/ Outbreak Kills bacteria and viruses within 2 minutes.

Daily Use Cleaners

Used for everyday usage when new items enter the safe bubble that you will have after we carry out our sanitisation program. This can come in conveniently useable wipes or as a spray.

Longer Lasting Protection

This is our up to 3-4 week sanitisation which coats all areas via our electrostatic sprayer/fogger and has a c-diff of 60 minutes.

Hand Sanitisers

We can offer a 2-4 hour hand sanitiser in convenient 50 ml foaming pumps or 5lt refills for wall mounted units.

Daily Use Wipes

The wipes are for every day spills and clean ups. There are no harmful chemicals within the product so no harm to your skin while using them.

Event Guard

We have created a full protocol for the event industry. Which will cover all areas.

1 Year Coatingtection

This is a spray applied product that can protect you for up to 12 months from bacteria and viruses. This is used for large areas.

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