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office & facilities supplies


UKOS delivers office and workplace products to organisations throughout the UK to customers that include large corporates, public sector organisations and SME’s. They provide sustainable solutions tailored to each individual customer needs.

UKOS has a wealth of industry experience enabling them to deliver cost efficiencies along with first class service. They deliver the benefits of a large supplier - highly competitive pricing, leading technology, national logistics - coupled with the advantages of a smaller independent organisation (personal approach, great service and flexibility).

Product & Service Consolidation – UKOS offer something genuinely unique; a suite of complementary business products and services that offers your business real financial benefits. By consolidating the number of service providers you use, you can benefit from a complete single source package which can encompass multiple categories: and the more of the categories you integrate, the more you will benefit from efficiencies and cost reduction.

Sustainability – recognised as an industry leader in sustainability and have been recognised as ‘The Greenest Company in the UK’ by The Sunday Times. Working closely with Imperial College they are able to take advantage of the latest developments in environmental technology. UKOS are working towards ISO 20400 (Sustainable Procurement). Their commitment to this standard is a tangible signal that they continue to prioritise sustainable procurement as integral to their day-to-day operations.

IT / Electronic Online Systems – Embedded in the UKOS approach is the delivery of  technological innovation to the client supply process and customer experience to achieve optimum efficiency, cost effectiveness and transparency in all areas of expenditure, systems, administration processes and environmental impact.

Logistics Solutions – UKOS offer an optimal blend of logistics solutions, developed through industry expertise and investment in technology. Their managed bespoke logistics solutions will be implemented and monitored with focus and attention to detail. UKOS are passionate about reducing your costs and carbon footprint whilst improving service.

UKOS have the following accreditations: Investors in People, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001.

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