Commercial Buildings


We work with more than 20 leading service providers to cover all your workplace needs; from fresh milk in the morning, to breakfasts and lunches for your staff and visitors, through to cleaning and recycling at the end of the day and everything in between (even the taxi home!). 


We recognise the need for supply solutions that suit the individual business needs, so every one of our supply Partners will provide a solution that meets your requirements. 

In larger businesses, it is more likely that a dedicated resource is in place to manage workplace supplies and services. With TSP 'Select', larger customers can still work with TSP, and any TSP supply Partner, in the same way SMB One customers can. 


In addition, TSP can support the larger business with additional services for one or multiple supply and service categories:

  • Existing supplier reviews and benchmarking against TSP supply Partners  - single or multiple areas

  • Single source or multi-source benefits review

  • Target-based cost reduction analysis and implementation

  • Creation and implementation of formal contracts and agreements

  • Structured and implemented service level agreements (SLA’s)

  • Supplier negotiations

  • Supplementary, short-term consultancy with experienced TSP procurement specialists*

  • Training and coaching of existing procurement personnel*

  • Transparent and informative management reporting and budget management support

  • Formal quarterly performance reviews and annual contract reviews 

  • Health check on existing processes and practices

    • Costs

    • Services

    • Processes

  • Supplementary ‘best-in-class’ suppliers to support the changing needs of your business

  • Direct deals with TSP supply Partners to eliminate 3rd party cost and process duplication

  • Working with experienced TSP workplace supplies and services specialists 

TSP do not charge for products and services, or apply a mark-up on prices, delivered by TSP Partners - your deal is direct with the supplier not with TSP. Complete transparency is provided.   

Our goal is always to deliver the best solution for the client. With TSP 'Select', we are happy to work with your existing suppliers to identify deliverable improvements. 

Whatever your size and type of business, contact TSP to discuss how we can help with managed workplace supplies and services for your business.

We believe that good businesses, small or large, deserve great suppliers. 


*training and consultancy are fee-based TSP services

For Small and Medium sized businesses