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Business Presentation

Training workshops

Many years of workshop facilitation allows us to gauge and manage the less obvious elements of an effective workshop: people’s comfort levels, confidence, willingness (or otherwise) to contribute, the speed and ability to absorb the content. 

Our real-life commercial experience and having ‘walked their walk’ allows us the ability to share real-world examples and experiences of our own. These experiences (or ‘little stories’ as they have often been called) mean we can always relate the subject matter to practical applications – what works and what….doesn’t!

Most importantly of all is that the workshop is not just an opportunity for attendees to improve their skills and knowledge, we make sure the time spent doing so is an enjoyable experience. Attendees are most likely to embrace ideas and apply new learnings if they have enjoyed themselves doing so.   

Sales Skills

  • New To Sales

  • Proposition and Proposition Matching

  • The Elevator Pitch - First Impressions Count

  • Discovery - Effective Questioning

  • Sales skills for non-sales people

  • Presentation Skills - BE A VVIP

  • Objection Handling

  • Negotiation

  • Closing

  • Commercial Skills - Understanding the Numbers 

  • Commercial Skills - I 'know' not I 'think'

  • Commercial Skills  - The Sell Through/Benefits Selling

  • Solutions Selling

  • Business Development - SME

  • Business Development - Key and Major Accounts

  • Brand New Business

  • Communication Skills

  • Superselling with NLP

  • Product Selling - FAB

  • Selling Single Source Solutions

  • TIME ROI - making the most of your day

Management & Leadership

  • Management Skills

  • Leadership Skills

  • Strategy and Strategic Alignment

  • Performance Management

  • Managing Good Performance

  • Managing Poor Performance

  • Team Dynamics / Team Development

  • Goals and Objectives

  • Conflict Handling

  • Situational Leadership

  • Meetings and 121's

  • Communication Skills

  • Succession Planning

  • Priority Management

  • Recruitment & Retention

  • KPI's - What, Why, When and How

  • Dealing with Difficult People - The Lens of Understanding

  • Change Management - House of Change

tailor made

Tell us your desired outcome and we will create and deliver a training workshop programme tailored to you. 


It could be any one of the above areas, a mixture of some (or all) of them, or additional subject areas you wish to include. 


Sales Management / Sales Leadership

  • Goals & Objectives - SMART & GISAR

  • Strategy

  • Performance Management

  • Managing People

  • Team Development / Team Dynamics

  • Recruitment & Retention

  • Management Must Haves

  • Leadership Skills

  • Meetings & 121's

  • PDP's

  • Priority Management

  • Managing Up, Down and Across

  • Coaching and Mentoring Skills

  • Commercial Skills - Understanding The 'WHY'

  • New to Sales Management 

  • Conflict Handling

  • Communication Skills

  • Presentation Skills

  • Business Planning / Sales Planning

  • Customer Retention and Development

  • Brand New Business

  • KPI's and The Balanced Scorecard

recruitment & retention

  • Role and Profiling - Why, When, Where and What 

  • The How - Candidate Profiling and Sourcing

  • Planning and Preparation 

  • Interview Process(es)

  • Interviewing Skills and Techniques

  • Effective Questioning and Listening

  • Candidate Review

  • Decision Making - 1st Choice, 2nd Choice....3rd?

  • Good News / Bad News - Candidate Communication

  • Internal Communication  

  • All Aboard - Implementation & Induction

  • Employee Review - The First Phase

  • PDP's and Next Steps

workshop structure

All our workshops are interactive workshops. 


We create time and content to allow effective and optimal attendee participation and to encourage 'learning through doing'. 

Our workshops can be half-day or full-day, small teams or larger groups. 

What Others Say about us...

Team Meeting

Steve, Managing Director

"Gary carried out a series of training modules for us last year which were absolutely from the team was overwhelmingly positive"
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