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Many years of workshop facilitation allows us to gauge and manage the less obvious elements of an effective workshop: people’s comfort levels, confidence, willingness (or otherwise) to contribute, the speed and ability to absorb the content. 

Our real-life commercial experience and having ‘walked their walk’ allows us the ability to share real-world examples and experiences of our own. These experiences (or ‘little stories’ as they have often been called) mean we can always relate the subject matter to practical applications – what works and what….doesn’t!

Most importantly of all is that the workshop is not just an opportunity for attendees to improve their skills and knowledge, we make sure the time spent doing so is an enjoyable experience. Attendees are most likely to embrace ideas and apply new learnings if they have enjoyed themselves doing so.  


The following are TSP training workshops for 2024. 


Each workshop (unless indicated otherwise) is a half-day workshop and can be combined to create a full day and/or multiple days. 


Each workshop content and format is based on the TAP process – Theory, Application and Practice – with each key subject being presented, discussed, debated and understood by the group, and workshopped through engaging practical exercises.  


The content below has been created based on the most popular customer requests. 


We are happy to create tailor-made workshop content from our standard workshops or give expanded emphasis or provide additional content to any of the key subjects shown. 

Shaking Hands

sales skills

Sales skills workshops to take your sales abilities from sales beginner through to sales expert.

sales management

Whether you are new to sales management or an old hand, these workshops are designed to help you learn what it takes to be an effective sales manager 

Smiling Teacher
Team High Five

people management

A series of workshops designed specifically for those with responsibility for managing others in performance-related roles

leadership skills

Take your management skills to the next level and learn what it takes to lead

Silhouette with Mountains
Business meeting

purchasing & supply chain

Learn everything you need to know about purchasing and supply chain management; from the foundations of effective purchasing to the dynamics of pro-active supplier relationship management


Recruitment skills workshops; essential for anyone involved in the hiring of people. 

Therapy Session
Job interview

mentoring & coaching

Learn the art of effective mentoring and coaching and the amazing impact it can have 


Speak to us about bespoke workshop content and creation for your business, team or individual

"the results Gary has produced have been outstanding. He completely transformed the sales team...The training is second to none

Oliver, Finance Director

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