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Established by two returning to work mums with a successful background in telemarketing and lead generation, the R Niche telemarketing team are all home worker’s with a refreshing ability to provide flexible client solutions and a dedication to ensure quality results are achieved every time.

At R’Niche, it is not about the number of calls made but about quality. Their professional Telemarketing team prefer to work 'unscripted' in their approach which allows them to focus on delivering natural, intelligent dialogue that can take many directions rather than sounding robotic and one dimensional.

​Their people are engaging, intelligent, polite professionals that come from a number of professions.

Lead Generation & Telemarketing

As the name suggests, R Niche make it their priority to understand fully the industry your business works in, your target audience, the right approach & how best to convert initial calls into convertible appointments & business.​​

At R’Niche, they understand how important it is to manage the ‘prospect pipeline’. Their specialists will keep a steady flow of calls & emails to each prospect, being varied in their approach; to convey best every client’s proposition.

Appointment Setting

Key to a good call or conversation is the follow up & action point. Whether that’s closing the prospect to a specific time & date to meet face-to-face, arranging a follow up call with our clients dedicated advisors or business managers or transferring through instantly to the client, their aim is to create the best opportunity to secure the meeting & opportunity there and then.

It is vital for your business and R’Niche's credibility, that the appointments they set are worthwhile and the right fit for your business, along with genuine buy-in and interest from the prospective client. They understand time is a precious commodity and the impact booking these appointments can have on a client’s sales team’s diaries and mentality.

R’ Niche Marketing can manage diaries on behalf of their clients so that the initial call is more efficient and organised, securing the prospective customer/client to a time and date without delay or call-backs.

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