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The TSP team have 'real world' experience across a wide range of commercial disciplines: direct and indirect sales, customer experience, supply chain, recruitment and operations & logistics; on a regional, national and international level. 

With a proven background ranging from start-up to leading £multi-million teams and businesses, we can help.


We can support you to plug a skills gap or deliver an important project.  

  • Business Development

  • Diversification

  • Change Management

  • Sales Management & Leadership

  • Executive Leadership

  • Key and Major Account Retention / Development

  • New Business

  • Sales Strategy 

  • Business Strategy

  • Customer (value) Proposition

  • Supply Chain

  • Operations, warehouse & logistics

  • Training & Development

  • Customer Experience

  • Recruitment 

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Value Proposition

  • Restructuring

Interim roles

Often businesses find themselves with a short-term or temporary issue, be that a skills gap or a surprise absence. 

When it isn't viable or suitable to internally absorb the extra demands, or the skills gap needs supplementing, an interim role could be the perfect answer. 

Project initiation and Delivery

In our commercial lives we have experienced many times when an opportunity or a change in circumstances creates the need for swift action. 

The challenge of not being able to react quickly before the window of opportunity disappears can be a frustrating experience.

Likewise when an issue needs addressing, speed of action is often crucial before the situation escalates into a big hurdle to overcome. 

Outsourcing your project  - be that on a temporary or part-time basis - can often be the solution; helping you initiate or accelerate your project and ensuring it is delivered with objectives and deadlines met. 

Project Management and Leadership

You have the resource and you have the skills in your business to deliver your project but it just isn't clicking properly. It's delayed. It's in danger of overrunning the budget that was set. It's not how you imagined it to evolve. 

The day-to-day demands of the business just keep getting in the way, taking up precious time needed for Project X. 

Calling in outside help to drive and lead your project needs an understanding of your business and the ability (and skills) to consider and navigate the wider impact this could bring  - your team, your people, politics, other departments, your customers, your budget,  your profitability. 

The TSP team? We get it!

An Independent Voice

Bringing in outside help is great way to support a key project.

It can help you kick-start an initiative, speed it up or get it back on track. It's a great way to develop the skills and learning of your existing people. 

It's also a great way to remove the threat (real or perceived) others in your current team may feel - How will I find the time for this? What about my existing workload? How I do it? What happens if I fail at this? 


And it is also a really useful way to seek an 'independent' voice - one who has a view not clouded by history or the dynamics of existing relationships within your business. 

One who is not afraid to ask the daft or difficult questions, suggest different ideas and provoke 'what if?' thinking. 

Ideally one who has lots of experience in this very thing!

Oliver, FD

The results Gary has produced have been outstanding. He completely transformed the sales team and structure, setting them up for future success

James, Sen. Accounts

Steve quickly evaluated the teams' strengths and weaknesses and gained trust through his actions.
He was always honest and a great leader.

miriam, talent acquisition partner

Sarah understands the business...she is energetic, solution oriented and highly motivated with great communication skills.

ian, managing director

Having worked with Amy for the past three years I can testify to her exceptional skills in client management..and her professionalism and warmth in customer-facing situations.

alberto, founder

Gary effectively led the process, demonstrating a deep understanding of market dynamics...his collaborative approach ensuring the success of our joint project.

Get in Touch

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