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COST MANAGEMEnt/cost reduction services

Quite often the start point for improving procurement efficiency comes from a desire to save money. Whilst this can be addressed with good in-house procurement processes it is sometimes an area that is outsourced to professional cost consultants. Cost consultants will identify areas where cost reductions can be achieved – be that through existing suppliers or by engaging with other suppliers in that sector. Or a mixture of both. 


Whilst it is very likely that cost reductions will be identified and delivered through this process, the risk is in ensuring the right service levels are deliverable, achieved and maintained and that any ‘change’ in current supply processes, or indeed supplier, is managed and implemented seamlessly.  


To achieve that balance of cost reduction and service delivery TSP is pleased to offer a fully independent service that support key areas of your procurement objectives.

no-win, no-fee cost reduction

TSP work with Rasik Popat, a leading independent procurement specialist. Rasik boasts a 35-year career in procurement and cost reduction management with demonstrable success in a broad range of companies and organisations of all sizes and sectors – locally, regionally and nationally. 


Delivered on a ‘no win-no fee’ basis, Rasik will undertake a complete review of any area or all areas of procurement and identify realistic and deliverable efficiencies that benefit your business best. As an independent specialist Rasik is UNDER NO OBLIGATION to recommend any TSP preferred supply partners and any recommendations are made that deliver the most benefit to your business.  


We would expect that TSP supply partners will be well positioned to deliver any objectives identified by Rasik, however Rasik’s integrity and independence will ensure a transparent review and recommendations that will include existing suppliers to your business, TSP supply partners, where applicable, and other appropriate suppliers for your business, again, where applicable.  


The aim of TSP’s independent cost reduction service is to identify worthwhile, deliverable and guaranteed immediate and on-going savings whilst maintaining, as a MINIMUM, current service levels and, where needed, delivering service improvements. 

Independent Procurement Review 

Rasik’s many years of experience combine cost reduction deliverables, contract management and supplier performance management. 

This fee-based consultancy service provides a number of options for your business


•    Contracts and supply agreements – reviewing or introducing and implementing structured supplier agreements.  

•    SLA’s  - Implementing achievable service level agreements (SLA’s), KPI’s and suitable performance measurement across your supply chain. 

•    Performance Management -  periodic (quarterly and annual) supplier reviews and management to ensure compliance and ‘continuous improvement’ standards

•    Staff coaching and training – one to one or team support to develop procurement skills and supply chain management 

For a no obligation meeting or to discuss any of the above areas please contact TSP by clicking on the ‘contact’ buttons on this site. 

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