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LOOP has been at the forefront of the waste industry for more than 20 years providing recycling and waste management services, advice and business solutions to public, private and not-for-profit enterprises across London, the South East and beyond.

LOOP collects and recycles most waste and arranges regularly timed pick-ups and - if you need help to manage things at your end - can provide bins and containers and on-site recycling equipment.

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The company measures its success not by how many customers it serves, but how well it serves its customers.


With a total commitment to quality, price and unparalleled customer service, LOOP strives to meet or exceed the expectations of each customer.

Standard recycling.jpg

standard waste

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non recyclable

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bulk waste

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hazardous waste

All at LOOP are committed to a world where NOTHING goes to waste.

LOOP has a team of highly experienced staff, most of whom have been with the company for a decade or more.


They will 'pull out all the stops' to find a solution to your recycling and waste management issues and provide you with a tailor-made, reliable and legally compliant service.

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